Area services

Area services

There is a service concept in place at Renforsin Ranta business park area. The services available cover the everyday needs of each tenant. Some of the services, such as catering, IT-services, cleaning services and automation services are provided by other tenants in the area. The rest of the services are provided by the business park staff. These are, for instance, communication and waste management services.

Renforsin Ranta business park is fully fenced and all access is controlled. There is a security service in the area.

There is local private VLAN in business park area and furthermore fast and versatile internet connectivity is provided.

Mailing services
The landlord provides a mailing service which covers the tenants mailing service needs providing the amount of mail is low. There are mail boxes to rent for in-coming mail at the entrance hall of the ‘Portti’building. Out-going mail can be left at the Information desk at the Porttibuilding. Mail is collected on a daily basis. In case the amount of mail is large, the tenant can have their mail delivered directly to their premises. This is a service from the National Mail Services (Posti) and is charged separately.

There is a lunch restaurant at the Porttibuilding which is located outside of the area’s security fence. Restaurant Fors provides lunch from Mon to Fri and catering services upon request. For more information, please visit the website:

There is plenty of parking in the area and tenants can book the amount of parking spaces required. A parking slot with heating is charged separately. Parking inside the fence is limited in some areas due to the lack of space.

Cleaning services
The landlord is responsible for the cleaning of public areas such as lobbies, staircases, social rooms, elevators etc in the business park area. Each tenant is in responsible for cleaning their own room. There is a cleaning service provider in the area. For more information, please visit the website:

Waste management
Waste management in the business park area is managed by the landlord. The locations of the waste bins are designed to serve every tenant in the area. Renforsin Ranta waste management does not handle hazardous waste material.

Information Desk services
Renforsin Ranta Information Desk operates at the Portti-building. The Information Desk provides the following services:
- welcoming and guiding the guests
- access management and key control
- postal services
Information Desk serves from Monday to Friday from 6.30 AM to 4.30 PM. The phone number is: 045-77322392 (24h).

External area maintenance
The landlord is responsible for the maintenance of external areas: driveways, parking areas, paths and walkways, parks, lawns etc.

Availability of industrial utilities
Industrial utilities such as water, steam, electricity etc are available at the business park at very competitive prices.