Meeting rooms

Renforsin Ranta meeting rooms

Renforsin Ranta has three meeting rooms that area tenants but also customers from outside can rent.

Meeting rooms are equipped with WLAN, overhead projector and memo board.

Meeting rooms are located at Portti-building (outside of the fence):
•Kanto, capacity: 50 seats, downstairs
•Mänty, 8 seats, upstairs
•Kuusi, 16 seats, upstairs

Meeting room keys are available at the Information desk. A reservation is required.

Sirpa Juntunen, Ymon Tietokeskus, tel 040 8323648
Salla Ventonen, Renforsin Ranta, tel 040 5238 013
Renforsin Ranta Information desk, tel 045 77322392

Ravintola Fors (restaurant) is happy to deliver catering into the meeting rooms.

Please contact:
Ravintola Fors, Niina Piirainen, tel. 044 5310 015