A large industrial hall at Kone-building

industrial facilities 7,600 m2
dimensions: length 250 m, width 24 m
precast concrete structures
vertical distance to crane rail 11 metres
two overhead cranes: 60 and 45 tonnes
warm facilities
possible to arrange entry for trailers under crane


High industrial hall at Hiertämö-building

industrial hall at ground level
area: 3193 m2
dimensions: width 17 m, length n 70 m
height 15 m
three lifting doors
overhard crane of 10 tons
office and dressing rooms, area 200 m2
build at 1985 ja 1995, rebuilt 2010


Papermachine hall in Rata-building

Industrial hall, two floors each ca 8000 m2
Dimensions: length 200 m, width 37 m
Height (2nd floor) to the ceiling crane 11 meters
Two ceiling cranes, each 75 tons
Built 1981, precast concrete elements
Easily accessible also by a trailer
Large liftning doors at ground level
Air conditioning suitable for industrial use


Industrial room at Hirsi-building

Industrial hall at ground level
Foot print 2178 m2
Office and social rooms at the same building
Several lifting doors for loading purposes
Built 1980

Office room

Office room of several sizes

Several office rooms of various sizes
All new or recentry refurbished
Plenty of parking space available
Good services in the area